Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Rashim Bhargava

Mrs. Rashim Bhargava

In 1990, we began a journey with a goal, a dream of nurturing among our children the spirit that would empower them with vision, values and vitality. I take pride in the fact that our attempts have borne fruit.

Our children today have the vision that gives them the inspiration to keep moving, the values to guide their thoughts and actions and the vitality to enable them to give their best in every field.

We at ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL, ROORKEE are committed to provide our children with all the assistance they need in preparing themselves to become valuable citizens of this great nation. We aspire to train our children to face the challenges the world will pose for them. Training them for life is what we dearly believe in.

We are amidst a Communication Revolution and we feel that the need of the hour is to keep abreast with the changing times.

Owing to the need of having everything available at the click of the mouse we thought of launching our schools very own website.

Here’s hoping that through the site we remain better connected at the official, professional, administrational and alumni levels.

The website is a true reflection of our school – our infrastructure, the activities organize, the facilities we provide, the faculty we have, at all. I am sure this endeavour of our will be a satisfying and productive venture.