Chairman’s Desk

Brig. S.K. Kataria

The school has a tradition of achieving educational excellence, Be it the highly motivated students or the collective talents of an exceptionally well- trained and dedicated faculty and staff, all have a significant contribution towards taking the school to the heights that it enjoys today.

In the present times of change, where workload and social adjustments are greater than at any other time in the past, schools are encompassing both more freedom and more responsibility. At the same time, students of today are undergoing tremendous emotional, social, and physical changes. It is encouraging to see that the team at APS No.1 Roorkee is working diligently to ensure that all students learn well in a safe, orderly, responsible, and inviting environment.

It is satisfying to note that the students of the school are being prepared in a manner that will leave them well equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in any form of future education or profession in an ever-changing technological society.

I congratulate the Principal and the Staff at APS No.1 Roorkee for their participation and support; they are selflessly and responsibly rendering to embark the students on a journey of academic and personal success.May the standards set be met with increased fervour and may the commitment to excellence continue.